Ваши земляки в Британской Колумбии, Канада

Газеты Ванкувера

Газеты Ванкувера

На русском языке
# ВАНКУВЕР ЭКСПРЕСС - Выходит один раз в неделю, по понедельникам. Издается с декабря 2004 года.
# ВАНКУВЕР и МЫ - Выходит один раз в две недели, по пятницам. Издается с февраля 1996 года.
# Russian Valley - Выходит один раз в две недели, по пятницам. Издается с марта 1998 года.

На английском языке
# The Vancouver Sun - Vancouver's major local newspaper with local news and national and international news as well. You can read it online or buy it six days a week. It isn't published on Sunday. In Thursday's Sun, you'll find Queue, the weekly entertainment guide.
# The Province - The other major local paper, The Province has local, national and international news, and it is known for its excellent sports coverage.
# The Westender - Another alternative newspaper, The Westender has local news that may not make it into the conventional dailies. Good entertainment guide with complete club listings and real estate listings.
# The Georgia Straight - Vancouver's hip alternative newspaper, published on Thursdays and available all around town. Entertainment guide and local news.
# Vancouver Courier - The community newspaper, The Courier, delivers local news, editorials and an entertainment. Publishes four editions weekly, two on Wednesday, on on Friday and one on Sunday.
# Business in Vancouver - This comprehensive business weekly provides an overview of just about everything going on in Vancouver's business community including meetings, trade shows, events and news.
# QueuePublished as part of Vancouver Sun's Thursday newspaper, Queue gives you a guide to what's going on around town for the week.
# The RepublicThe Republic of East Vancouver is an independent fortnightly newspaper published in Vancouver. It bills itself as Vancouver's Opinionated Newspaper.
# North Shore News - The North Shore news provides an insider's look at local issues from a small town perspective.
# North Shore Outlook - This newspaper provides a slightly different slant on North Shore news.
# The Globe and Mail - The Globe and Mail is the Canadian equivalent of the New York Times. Published in Toronto, it has the best Canadian national news but very little local news.
# The National Post - This paper was started by Conrad Black to provide an opposition voice to The Globe and Mail which he considered too left leaning. However, Black sold the National Post and all his other Canadian newspapers so he could move to England and become a Lord. Since his departure, the newspaper has improved.
# f.i.l.e.s. - First In Line Entertainment & Sports

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